Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries Convention

As Crunch Berries breakfast cereal is becoming more popular …


So are more Crunch Berries Caps.

Also more people are demanding that Quaker Oats continue to sell boxes of pure Crunch Berries.

Oh.  Sorry to interrupt.  I have just been told this is NOT a Crunch Berries Convention but instead is a meeting of Catholic Bishops.

Never mind!

In memory of Gilda Radner.

Thanks to Alessandra Tarantino of AP.

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Cardinal Conclave’s Concise Conciliatory Conclusion

They did it.  After a day of discussions, arguing and farmisht, they did it.

Yes They decided that the new Pope will be a man!

At the end of the second day they agreed on a new pope.  Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio will be the new pope to represent the world’s Catholics.

Compared to the conclave, Bergoglio took very little time to decide to be known as Pope Francis.

Rumor has it he chose Francis because of Francis Bacon and “he always liked bacon.”