#ScareSomebodyIn4Words with Birds Are Attacking Us

When you have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Everyone cover your head with a hat and your mouth with a glove.

2.  We need to round up all those neighborhood stray cats.

3.  Better set up some bird feeders in the parking lot.

4.  Good thing I wore white today.


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Thanks to Jason O Watson of Getty Images.

New Monopoly Piece Is The Cat’s Meow And Cat’s Pajamas At Same Time

Talk about your day of reckoning.  All the Cat-loving Dog-hating people have finally got their way.  [Okay.  I am sure there are a few Cat-loving Dog-loving people out there.  Will you please stand up?]  


Since the game of Monopoly was first sold over a hundred years ago, there has been a Dog albeit a Scottish Terrier.  But there has never been a Cat – until today.

A Monopoly contest was held this past month and a new piece was chosen.

Cat-lovers are ecstatic. 

Some protagonists can hardly wait for the day when the Cat and the Dog end up on the same Monopoly board square.

But the same contest chose a loser.  Yes the much maligned and hardly used Iron piece was chosen for the dumpster.  Nobody liked ironing anyways.