#WhereIsWaldoNow ? Waldo Takes on God-like Status

Remember Waldo and his red and white striped shirt?


He is everywhere.


Here at a National Rugby Indigenous All-Star game, players pay homage to Waldo.

Sorry.  Waldo was not there.

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Thanks to Darren Pateman of the European Pressphot Agency.

Exciting New Board Game – Where’s Hoffa?

Yes Parker Brothers and Martin Handford, of Where’s Waldo? fame, have introduced the latest board game to satisfy the insatiable appetites of Americans that love a challenge.


The game is based on a drawing by Martin Handford of a beach near one of the last places Jimmy Hoffa was seen.   It features the western shore of Lake St. Clair near Roseville, Michigan.

Players take turns looking for Jimmy until a ten second hourglass is empty.

Can you see Hoffa in this picture?

Maybe not because this is a mock-up of the real game.  You will have to buy the real one.

Good luck!

New Monopoly Piece Is The Cat’s Meow And Cat’s Pajamas At Same Time

Talk about your day of reckoning.  All the Cat-loving Dog-hating people have finally got their way.  [Okay.  I am sure there are a few Cat-loving Dog-loving people out there.  Will you please stand up?]  


Since the game of Monopoly was first sold over a hundred years ago, there has been a Dog albeit a Scottish Terrier.  But there has never been a Cat – until today.

A Monopoly contest was held this past month and a new piece was chosen.

Cat-lovers are ecstatic. 

Some protagonists can hardly wait for the day when the Cat and the Dog end up on the same Monopoly board square.

But the same contest chose a loser.  Yes the much maligned and hardly used Iron piece was chosen for the dumpster.  Nobody liked ironing anyways.