When Are Fortune Cookies Faulty?

I got a fortune cookie the other day with an expiration date.

Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies

No not the cookie.

I mean the fortune.

Well sort of.


The fortune

said the following:


Well the kicker is I got the cookie on the 15th.  So I really only have 16 days to cash it in.

Now what should I do, buy or risk?  Hmmmmmm …  to be continued.

Redundant Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies

Tom is having a nice lunch with his wife at a Chinese restaurant.  At the end of the meal, they receive the traditional fortune cookies for two.  Tom opens his cookie and reads the fortune.  He realizes it is very similar to two or three other fortune cookies he has had recently.  When the waiter comes by again, Tom asks, “If you receive the same fortune multiple times, does that mean it is more likely to come true?”

The waiter responds, “No, you eat lot of cookie.”