Fortune Features Final Phrase

The Fortune Cookie manufacturer has run out of fortunes.




P.S. Call your Mom.

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Never Ever Take The Last One

The following is good advice for anyone with a significant other.


What is ironic is this is the opposite of a pitcher of water.  When I was growing up in the southwest, we had a pitcher of water in the refrigerator.  [Note: This is long before refrigerator’s had a water line and built-in ice makers.]

Nobody would take the last cup of water from the pitcher because then you had to fill up the pitcher with water again.  We would rather die of thirst before doing that.

On the other hand, nobody hesitates to take the last donut or the last piece of pie.

I am here to advise you that if you want to have a long-lasting relationship, you need to offer the last piece to your significant other before you scarf it down.

But if your significant other is not around, try this.


Just a thought. Now I am getting hungry.


When Are Fortune Cookies Faulty?

I got a fortune cookie the other day with an expiration date.

Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies

No not the cookie.

I mean the fortune.

Well sort of.


The fortune

said the following:


Well the kicker is I got the cookie on the 15th.  So I really only have 16 days to cash it in.

Now what should I do, buy or risk?  Hmmmmmm …  to be continued.