#Jokes4Votes – When You Think You Are In A Bubble

You usually close your eyes.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  I hate getting soap in my eyes.

2.  I hate being surprised when the bubble pops.

3.  I hope this doesn’t ruin my hairstyle.

4.  Crap, I think we are in a bond bubble, debt bubble and a housing bubble, oh my.


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Special thanks to Jerome Favre of European Pressphoto Agency.

Now What

Ever achieve something and then wonder now what?

Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  I wonder where this pipe goes?

2. Good thing I brought a rope.  Oh, crap.  Where is my rope?

3. Oh, oh.  I just saw a pair of eyes inside.

4. I really hated to lose that boogie board.



Ever feel like going back to bed and starting over?


Well instead here is a picture and here are some captions for you to pick from.  Then you can go back to bed.

1. Why did I eat that Macho Burrito last night?

2. And a whole bowl of nachos?

3. My mother is driving me nuts!

4. I need coffee NOW!

5. My eyes feel like sun-dried raisins.

Please vote for your favorite then you can go back to bed.

Warning: Doing Something Too Long May Become Permanent

Or at least that is what my Mother told me.


Here Malia Obama learns what happens when you cross your eyes for too long.

It becomes permanent.

Notice the two kids in the bottom of the picture.  They freaked out when they looked into Malia’s eyes.  They will never be the same.