Boehner Offers Peace Pipe

Shoot!  That isn’t a peace pipe.   Now we will have to start negotiating all over again.



So much for diplomacy.  Must be time for Obama to step up to the plate.


One Republican That Loves Obamacare

Yep you read it right.  There is at least one Republican that loves Obamacare.


And that is because he is retired and both his premium and his deductible dropped dramatically using Arkansas’ Obamacare Marketplace.

Here is the article with the details.


Things I Will Carry – Things I Will Not Post

People are fascinated with what other people think is important.  Take for instance how to travel light or what to keep on a deserted island.

While updating my profile the other day, I received a message about a blog post titled “Things I Will Carry”.  I was curious to see what that person considered the most valuable items to carry.

Well soon as I read it, another message showed up about things another person will carry.

Then another and another.

So I Googled it and found 773,000 websites with things I will carry.  Now that is a lot of things.  Who could possibly carry them all?

What was really odd was people said they would carry their fetish or their geekiness.

Say what?

I will defend any geek and accept most fetishes, but to tout them on a blog is over the top.

I will stick to my blogs about death, zombies and President Obama.  Did I actually put all of those in the same sentence?  Awesome!

P.S. Being an engineer, I have to confess, I will always carry a pen to write with.  But no pocket protector for me.

Obamacare Affects Private Health-Care Exchanges

In a good way.  Let me explain


1. Walgreens joins Sears Holding, Darden Restaurants and other firms in moving its workforce into the private (health-care) exchanges.

2. Some (Walgreen) employees could end up paying less than $5 a month for a plan offering minimal coverage.

3. “This is good for EMPLOYERS because it makes their costs more predictable,” said Thomas ­Buchmueller, a health economist who teaches at the University of Michigan. “But it is also a good thing for EMPLOYEES, who will have more choices.”

4. Aon Hewitt said that the number of workers joining its (private) exchange in 2014 is five times the number currently enrolled. (Editor: Due to shift from individual insurance companies.)

5. 28 percent of the companies (surveyed) expect to join private health exchanges within five years.

6. The (private health-care) exchanges allow workers to shop for health benefits from a wide menu of insurance plans offering an array of coverage options and prices.

7. The idea behind private exchanges, like Obamacare, is to stoke competition that would lower prices while giving employees more options.

To confirm these facts, refer to this website:

I predict  that health-care insurance companies will NOT survive unless they are part of public OR private health-care exchanges.

I predict that the exchanges will reduce the number of plans in the next few years.  Care First has already lowered their number from 62 to 8.

Some of the companies that are in private exchanges include: eHealthInsurance, BenefitMall, Liazon Corporation, ConnectedHealth, Choice Administrators, TowersWatson -Extend.

Some of the companies that are in public exchanges include: Celtic, Kaiser, CIGNA, Access Health, Care First (Blue Cross / Blue Shield)

For more information visit

Obama and Assad Imitate Cosby

President Obama wasn’t going to let Syria’s President Bashar Assad be the only one with a Bill Cosby impersonation.


The President is seen here saying, “Anybody got any frizzle frazzle?”

The Obama response was prompted by a news report on  The Daily Show Tuesday Sept 10 by Aasif Mandvi.  In this video clip of the report is a Cosby impersonation by Assad during his Charm Offensive.—charm-offensive

Enjoy these rare moments between wars as politicians let down their guard.

For some reason I am suddenly craving a pudding pop.


Summary of Obama’s 2013 50th Anniversary Speech

Here is the complete summary of Obama’s speech marking the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington in 37 sentences.


In 1963, 200 years after the Constitution was written and 100 years after emancipation declared, that promise, those truths remained unmet.

People by the thousands from every corner of our country marched.

Dr. King’s oratory gave hope to millions.

In the face of hatred, marchers fought for freedom via discipline and persistence.

As a result, Civil Rights and Voting Rights laws were passed.

But the work of this nation is not complete.

Marchers were seeking jobs as well as justice.

For what does it profit a man, Dr. King would ask, to sit at an integrated lunch counter if he can’t afford the meal?

King’s dream is every American’s dream.

But unemployment remains twice as high for blacks and Latinos.

The gap of wealth between races has grown.

There is a shadow of poverty hanging over our youth.

The measure of progress is whether all hard-working people, regardless of race, can join the ranks of the middle-class.

This remains our great unfinished business.

Technology and global competition have not helped.

Our policies have suffered due entrenched interests that failed to give a fair deal.

We were told that greed was good and compassion ineffective.

That inequality was the price of a growing economy.

Elected officials blamed the government for economic woes.

Legitimate grievances evolved to criminal behavior.

Thus progress stalled, hope was diverted and we remained divided.

We now have a choice between the status quo or making change.

We are masters of our fate.

We need to work together and regain empathy.

Courage comes from our interracial experiences.

We need to turn towards one another and find we do not walk alone.

We can stand together for good jobs, good health care and good education.

The road will be long and we will stumble. That’s how a movement happens.

The marchers back then were young and fearless.

They dared to dream different and to imagine something better.

The urgency remains.  The flame remains.

Tireless teachers, successful businessmen, mothers, fathers, and veterans are marching.

Change does not come from Washington but to Washington.

When you take on the mantle of citizenship, you are marching.

People who love their country can change it.

When millions of Americans join together in brotherhood, we live up to the true meaning of our creed as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Obama Uses New Stealth Golf Cart

Obama, shown below, steps into the latest US technology on his summer vacation.


The $90 million prototype features a 4 foot high translucent screen that surrounds the cart which is equipped with a silent electric motor.  Many tiny cameras, strategically placed around the cart, project the scenery to the opposite side to make the cart invisible.

Press Secretary, Jay Carney, said, “The stealth features of the cart and its mobility are better than a Harry Potter invisibility cloak.”

The President was enjoying his vacation and the new invention until a golfer did not see the cart and blasted a tee shot into one of the screens.  That prompted Obama to quip, “We’ll have to work on bullet proof screens next.”  The President’s comment resulted in a 10% jump in the futures price of bullet proof commodities.

Rumors are circling that Halliburton wants to purchase 100 of the stealth carts for their petroleum engineers in Iraq even though nobody has seen a petroleum engineer in Iraq in 3 years.

Warning: Doing Something Too Long May Become Permanent

Or at least that is what my Mother told me.


Here Malia Obama learns what happens when you cross your eyes for too long.

It becomes permanent.

Notice the two kids in the bottom of the picture.  They freaked out when they looked into Malia’s eyes.  They will never be the same.

Obama Says, “Here Is Lame Duck All Will Appreciate”

He is talking about the large inflated rubber duck floating in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

The concept is from Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.  The duck is taller than Obama towering 16.5 meters high.  Soon teenagers will be attempting to climb to the top of the duck which will result in the biggest belly flops seen since the “Splash” show premiered.

President Obama Puts The Pedal To The Medal

It is not every day you get to see how productive a President can be.

President Barack Obama pedals bicycle-powered emergency water-sanitation station for Payton Karr, 16, left, and Kiona Elliott, 18, center, both from Oakland Park, Fla., to help demonstrate their invention, Monday, April 22, 2103, in the East Garden of the White House in Washington, where the president hosted the White House Science Fair to celebrate the student winners of a broad range of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competitions from across the country. The bicycle filters E. Coli and other harmful pathogens from contaminated water. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

President Obama is filtering water for drinking.  See this article for more information.–politics.html